Awaken your inner healer

"Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go." ~Mooji

Each and every one of us is powerful enough to heal ourselves and others. But we have been robbed of that power very strategically. Fear and love are the cosmic opposites like darkness and light. If you want to awaken your healer, you must let go of your deepest darkest fears and start to love yourself. Self-love was our way of living when we were born but  now we must cultivate it as a conscious practice, it takes time and commitment.

How to do this? Here is the secret. If you learn only one thing today, let it be this - We let go of our fears, anxiety, depression and all negative emotions by simply accepting them completely!


So why do you need a spiritual catalyst?

A catalyst merely hastens the process which is already on its way. A catalyst makes the transformation much more easier and much less painful. I found this out the hard way. I did not have much help while  was struggling through my problems. But I am committed to help with yours. So I and my Zen Girls never want to see another soul go through what we went through 'alone'. We are there to remind you of your greatness, to teach you techniques and methods so you could heal yourself easily and to introduce you to your Guardian angels.

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