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Our Vision

Building a ‘together world’ – a world of wholesome individuals holding each other up with love and compassion.

Our Mission

To empower humans, especially children, intellectually and emotionally by awakening the critical thinker and the healer that lies within.


What is Zenona Shine?

Very early in my spiritual journey, I was undergoing therapy for my past trauma, very severe and consistent body aches and pains etc. My wonderful therapist asked me about my hobbies. I was in so much pain at the time and could not even sit in one position for more than 15 secs. So, I said that I don't have any hobbies.She suggested Art therapy. Under the first Art work, I signed my name but instead of writing my name, I wrote Zenona.

I felt that this is the name for the part of me that was not sick which was a healer, a seeker, a creative genius. And I know that you too have your Zenona. I know because I feel it in every person I meet. Every one of us have innate strength and self-love when we are born and then it is suppressed by our society. And no matter how deeply you have buried it, together we will shine the light on your Zenona and awaken your inner healer, seeker and creative genius!

Anupriya Srivastava


Counselling and guiding people through various healing modalities is my main job.
Reading books on science, ancient civilizations, spirituality, philosophy, mythology and sacred texts is my part time job.

For my story go here.

Now I have a group of wonderful ladies who are just as excited about healing people as I am. They are your personal support group. Please visit ZEN GIRLS and get any online help you wish. You can pay them online and seek any treatment, request crystals, tarot card reading etc