A talk about love

Many times, I write questions in my diary and I get the answers but I do not know who is answering but while I am writing, I feel incredible amount of love. Some people call this channeling. If the answers make sense to you, help you or heal you, then do not care about where they are coming from. Enjoy!


What is that one thing I hate the most and love the most? 

Why bother with these questions and lets move forward. Love and love all that ‘love’ can see, hear, touch, taste or smell. Just remember you are love and you are an angel. I hesitate to say this because you wont believe me. I love you. I will always love you. I have always loved you. Angels are our names. And we love you. Yes! We do! Truly! We are always there for you.

Then why do I feel alone?

Because you concentrate on being alone. Because you think there is a higher meaning in being alone. You have created many obstacles for yourself. Like your beliefs… ‘I cannot/should not take care of myself, some one else should’ You believe if they need you, they will take care of u!! Don’t you see the basic flaw in this? Love is all there is. And you are in lack of it/ rather you have blindfolded yourself and choose not-love. You rather be happy in your misery. You treasure it. You feel you deserve this pain. You think this is salvation for your mistakes in life. And you ask us- why? Why do i have this pain? Why? Why am i alone?

And we say to you – because you choose to be this way. You are pointing your own sword towards yourself. Sitting and shivering from your own cold. Love is a warm feeling. A person with warm love can never be cold, you are always cold, your hands, feet, legs, hands start to get cold as you start to kill yourself little by little with self doubt, self hatred and guilt. If Self punishment is your salvation, why aren’t you free yet? Why? Self-betrayal is your habit. Like many humans! You betray the your very soul and then you ask us – why do i feel this pain?

“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Admire yourself. Respect yourself.”


How, you ask us? How? Very simple dear angel. Become lovable. Become forgivable. Become admirable. Become respectable.


How? you ask us, yet again! Very simple sweet child.

– Fill your heart with love for others, when you love others, they will find you lovable.

– Fill your heart with forgiveness, when you forgive easily, people will forgive you easily, then slowly, you will start to forgive yourself my love.

– Admirable. Become admirable. Become the qualities you admire in others. Don’t admire other’s abilities. Become those.

– Ask about respect from us? Ask your soul – is this alright with you? Then ask your heart – how do feel about this? Then ask your mind – how will this affect the people i love? answers to all should be good. And then you earn your respect in your soul’s eye! And then nothing else matters.

Oh so confusing!!!

Take your time. Read and read again. Act and make mistakes. Mistakes are beautiful. We love to see you make mistakes. Because my child, where is the fun otherwise? Where is the glory in an easy race? Where is the pride in a waterfall? Water falls naturally but we most respect the mountains that run upwards and grow against gravity.

Love, remember you are love. YOU are love. Love so pure that the word ‘love’ doesn’t suffice. Believe your love. Honor it. Accept it. Treasure it and share it.

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