Click! Click! Click!

“I wish I could capture every moment!”– Romantics  from a generation of no smart phones used to say.

But today we do!

Every second! Every minute!

We capture everything that we can touch, taste, see, smell and hear. From the loud music that could touch the sky to the vastness of an ocean. It’s all captured somewhere in some form. But is capturing a moment in time – helping us experience it? Or is it taking the opportunity of experiencing that moment away from us?

May be that’s why we call those smart phones as”SMART” phones; after all they are the ones getting smarter. As all of our life experiences gets stored there instead of in us.

Last week, I was getting down from the airport bus as I saw a stunning sunset. As far as I could see there was nothing in between me and the sunset. Only me and some planes here and there. People passing by. I could not just let this moment pass. So I looked at the giant star shinning its light from millions of miles away, looking so calm as its light became orange and then red. I was there for merely 5-10 minutes. During this short period, many people passed by, looking at me curiously. Some stopped, made their smart phones smarter and moved on just like the others.

No one stopped to really look, experience, feel and surrender. To live means to be a part of an experience. Does it not?

They may be getting late, I am not being judgmental here. It just saddens my heart as I am reminded by moments like this that people may die without ever living!

So, I humbly request you to hold that urge to click a picture for a little while and just smell your food, taste it completely for a second longer than necessary,  hear the melody of the chirping birds, touch the sand as if you are touching for the first time, immerse your feet into the grass, look at the world just for a few seconds,look up when parents talk, look into the dying eyes, joyful eyes, look when a loved one is reading a book, look when a child is throwing tantrums. Just look before doing anything. Take it all in.

Instead of Click! Click! Click! lets all just practice Pause!

Just for a moment. Pause!

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