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Contact Zenona

Best way to contact her is on Whatsapp. Drop a message to +91-9677090367. Expect a reply within 2 days. She takes regular social media breaks so sometimes there may be delay.

Another wonderful way to stay connected to her messages of inspiration is by following her on youtube and instagram. She is less active on facebook but you can like her page for announcements.


You may book a slot with her on her calender, a zoom session will be automatically scheduled. Do it only if you are sure that you need –

  • Counselling when you feel stuck:
    • Counselling for anything, direction in life, relationships, career etc
    • Counselling for Anxiety, Depression, chronic pain and fatigue etc
    • Counselling for Parenting a new age child with high attention demands.
  • Healing for mind and body :
    • Healing for yourself after heartbreak, childhood traumas etc
    • Acupressure Seed Therapy + Remedies
    • Colour Therapy protocols
  • Spiritual Growth:
    • Angel Reading for ascension journey, which master or energy to connect to?
    • A personal Meditation Session for transformation
    • A personal EFT session for Manifestation
    • A deep trance state experience

In rare cases, she would meet one on one in Bangalore at her house.

You could also check out her latest book which has a series of conversations between human and angel.

Order from Publisher’s Site :

Start Reading online instantly while you wait for your copy to be delivered to your doorstep.

Also Available on Amazon paperback and kindle :