Don’t teach! Show!

This message is not relating to healing/wellness but I was a teacher before a healer. I still consider myself more for an educator. And I have realised that many parents take the role of teachers from a place of ‘I need to teach my child because he doesn’t know whats best’. I never taught this way. I always taught from a place of ‘How can I ignite curiousity in my child?’ if i do that, they will become learners and my job is done.

I feel this message is important for all parents. Please spread this. Much love. -Anu (Zenona)

Stop teaching your children!

Show them! Show them the world. Take them to museums, parks and have discussions. Ask questions ‘What do you think about…?’ and listen to their answers. You will be surprised. You may even learn something.

When we start teaching, they start thinking that we don’t consider them smart enough. We are always saying – learn more, you don’t know enough. They continuously live with the feeling of lack inside them. How sad! We must break this cycle.

“My child is enough! My child has all the things he/she needs to live in this world. Believe in their capabilities.” Believe without doubts. See the light inside them, we all have darkness, what if I keep focussing on your moles and not your face? How will you feel?

We are all capable of so much more. If our parents believed in us more, we would have done so much more.

We keep trying to make them proud instead of building ourselves and working on our soul growth. Our focus will always remain outside because we were always made to feel like ‘not good enough’.

My god, this makes me angry! Good Enough for whom? I think I am good enough always, from the moment I was born, I was entitled to life. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I am just here to experience all my experiences. Observe and enjoy. This is a playground. I am here to play.

Because in the end, one day when I leave the planet, all that will remain of me is – not how much I learned but how much I loved…!

So show them love, show them life, show them this world, ask questions, and live your life as if you are having a great time….

In your aura of happiness, the child will grow faster! Create that happiness inside you. Then they never have to try to make you happy, make you proud, make you feel like they are good enough.

Please! Stop teaching! Start showing!

Thank you!


This message is more for our generation of parents.

Because no matter how much of a good parent we are, we tend to worry more than believe. I worried more. I was always worrying about my sister and it made her weaker. When I started believing in her more without any fear, she started becoming stronger.

When she leaves my house at 11 pm or 12 or 1 a.m. I never fear. I believe she will be okay. I trust universe to take care of her. I have let go like mamma birds let go of little birds and never check up on them ‘ are you alright?’ they trust that the universe will take care of them. If they need help, they will come.

Many of us humans attach too much to our children. And by all good intentions, we start worrying more than believing.

There can be no guidebook on parenting but since last 8 years while dedicating to research on how to raise and talk to kids because I was interested in Education, I learnt so much more about myself in this process. I have become very protective of children from parents who are teaching from a place of not believing in their children.

These new children are old souls, they are our teachers, gurus and way showers. We need to be asking them for advice because we have wreaked this world enough. We need to change ways.

I love my parents, my aunts and uncles and whole family but I will not keep a blind eye to things that need changing. The ways that can be improved.

Every generation helps the next one evolve. We are much grateful for their struggles and battles that they fought for us. We must do the same for our children. We have the power now to let go. Because from the root chakra (fear consciousness), we have all moved to sacral chakra (to be creative and expressive) and our job is to push our children to solar plexus chakra (personal power). This is how we evolve the collective consciousness.

That is why I am asking all recent parents to be warriors! Not worriers! Because they can! Because we have been taken out of fear consciousness. We do not live in survival mode much like how our parents and their parents lived. Thanks to them.

So stop worrying! Start believing!

I know it is hard. I know this is not at all easy but look in nature, after a certain age, parents leave their children free because they believe that universe will take care of them. We need to be in alignment with nature too.

Much love and gratitude to all our parents for making us what we are today. We have a different role to play for our future kids and we can do that because of what you did for us…

And once again this message is my deepest request to all parents… It was a very difficult learning for me, but it is very satisfying to see your child grow when you believe in them. I don’t have children of my own but all my students are my children and as a healer we are trained to look at all patients as our own children, because mothers have intuition about what the child needs. So now my motherhood is very intense and I feel protective of all children.

And I do understand its hard. I consider my siblings to be my children and my first child is my sister, so since I was 2 years old, I have been a mother. And it is still very hard at times to see her or my brother suffer because you know something more but they need to learn on their own, just keep believing in them. You will see how fast they come out of things.

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