An illusion of control…a talk!

Why is it that humans want control?

To feel powerful.


To value themselves. They think to gain respect they need to be powerful. To live in this society, to be admired and accepted and even feared a bit seems valuable.

But isn’t that a primitive understanding? Much like what happens in an animal kingdom?

Yes, it is.

So we are not evolved enough?

Not all of you!

So what would an evolved person do? Will an evolved person also try to control a situation?

An evolved person already knows the course of events that will unfold. He sees that no matter what, the river is meeting the ocean. He does not try to change river’s course. He doesn’t try to control the river. He understands he needs to use the waves to travel and not work against the waves, not fight with them and not change them at all.

So are you saying that the river is like situations or people?


So we should not try to change a situation or people? 

Well you could hold a river and turn its wave and change its course but is that effort required or at all beneficial to you or the river?

So what should we do?

Flow. Ride with faith and surrender to the situation. Surrender that things will take their course and fall in place instead of trying to control a situation or other people’s behavior.

But as a spiritual guide am I not supposed to teach people?

Teaching someone who has come to learn is like offering a lift to someone who was already on that road. You accelerate the speed of their arrival. You are not changing the course. You make the river flow more smoothly and arrive at the destination faster. That’s why it is said “Ask and its given “In the asking of something the person travels forward by himself”. Without asking if you give gold, it will be thrown out like garbage.

Ok, So we teach to only those who are ready to learn or are willing to?


But how can humans let go of control because it seems that if we don’t take action, things won’t move forward or people might die etc?

The idea of taking action under the illusion of control is what humans choose. It gives them a (false) sense of pride. “I helped someone”. “I did this”. It makes them feel powerful. But truth is that things happen through you, not by you. You are a vehicle, that the higher self is driving. You must merge with that higher self to truly understand what is happening. Just like the car is unaware that someone else is driving it, humans are unaware that higher self is driving them and at times when the humans start interfering and saying “I am the owner of this car. I drove myself” then the higher self lets go and does not help the car and the driving becomes dangerous and erratic. Instead if the car lets go and surrenders to the driver, who is experienced, the driving is smooth and effortless. Things happen easily.

But how do I know if what I am doing is according to the higher self’s plan?

By letting go of the idea that you are in-charge, that you are in control. And whenever this thought arises that “I did….” then say “Things happened through me, I am grateful to the universe that I was a witness to this experience



Hope this conversation helps you as it helped me.

Love and Light,


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