Although I am used to seeing miracles almost on a daily basis like how a 6 months old knee pain of a 34 year old woman went away with a single touch of acupressure points sp10 and StT34, a 4 months old knee pain of a 65 year old lady went away in 20 mins with Reiki(Japanese healing technique) and Saging(Native American healing herbs),a week old back pain gone in 2 mins (Chinese Acupressure point B40), months old frozen shoulder fixed in 5 mins by Varmam (Indian Acupressure), sleep disorder patients sleeping like a baby, even depression and anxiety disappeared after single or double session of Illahinoor(Egyptian healing technique) but today I witnessed something very amazing.


This evening around 5 o clock, I was walking back to my healing center from my home after tea break and I saw a drunk homeless guy lying on the ground- shaking. I walked towards him, other people on the road wanted to help but looked afraid. I saw his mouth was frothing, I realised he was having seizures. I immediately did the Varmam technique to bring his consciousness back. One young couple saw me working and ran towards us. I instructed the them to follow the same technique that I was doing.  Girl used my house key to open the guy’s mouth and within 30 secs, he calmed down and then I do not know why my hands started throbbing his chest and he coughed and woke up and sat next to the car nearby. He came back to full awareness and was not showing signs of confusion or anything. He was normal in a few mins. This was very surprising for me to see such an instant result in such a critical situation. Generally after seizures, patients take long time to recover to normalcy and just want to sleep. But this guy was fine in minutes as if nothing had happened.

And during my varmam class, my amazing Guru – Sri Ramesh Babu had told a similar case of a girl child who had seizures on a moving train and he helped using this varmam point and the girl was playing within minutes of having seizures. I am so grateful to my infinite teachers for giving me the right guidance and using me for serving people.

I am grateful to a life full of miracles since my own miracle of healing my joint pains [mind you- it was all joints and it was all the time!!!] which I found out later were not joint pains, they were points on the energy meridian lines and because of blocked energies, they were hurting. And once I corrected the flow of energy, my pains disappeared. We have no idea what an amazing self-correcting body we have!

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