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My Healing Story

I come from a family of doctors, engineers and lawyers. My father was against idol worship and my mother prayed quietly never teaching us anything about God. In my house the only thing spoken about was education. “Study hard and become someone respectable!” So, it would seem strange that I became an intuitive healer of all things!

The healer journey is not something you seek. It finds you.

I did my B.Tech (Biotechnology) and even did a an IT job for sometime and then went on to pursue Ph.D in Neuroscience, Osaka University, Japan. I could not last a year in Japan. During my time in Japan, I developed severe joint pains and extreme muscle weakness. I think it was a result of self-disgust for killing innocent mice for my selfish research and not listening to my soul’s voice. It was like my body was shutting down and telling me that We will not support the path you are taking. This is not your life’s purpose.

I came back to India, completely broken. And I could not go for full time jobs, so I started giving tuitions and working 3 days a week in a nearby Child Development Center. I was constantly meeting doctors everywhere and there was no consensus on my problem. Some said it is a post-viral arthritis, some said early arthritis, some said Fibromyalgia. Other doctors laughed at the Fibromyalgia diagnosis, stating that this is not a diagnosis at all but they themselves did not give me one.

They gave me pain-killers, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds. They themselves warned me against each of these drugs. Even after taking these meds for several months, I was not getting better. How could I? These meds were not the cure, they were numbing me down. Every day was a physical struggle. Many days, it felt like I will not survive this pain. The most painful thing out of all this was that no one in my family believed that I had pain because all the reports came back normal. They thought I was just acting to get attention. The amount of loneliness you feel when no one understand you, is indescribable. I went in and out of depression many times. I had constant suicidal thoughts which I did not share with anyone. One day I had an argument with my husband and I felt that even he does not understand me and I felt this deep sense of “My life has no purpose!” . I went to my medicine cabinet and took 10 anti-anxiety medicine. I did not know if it will kill me. I sent a message to my husband ‘Goodbye’. He was in office but he got a sense that I did something. I started loosing consciousness. I felt like i was going into a deep sleep. But soon he reached home and rushed me to hospital. I think I was there for a day or two.

This was my turning point. I feel my angels guided me to this point. Because next day when I regained consciousness in the hospital I met a psychiatrist and he suggested I come to his center TRIMED, chennai. In this center Ayurvedic, Naturopathic and Allopathic treatment were done together. I was so surprised. It was very expensive. But it seemed like our last resort. They provided counselling, yoga therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, mud therapy, ayurvedic oil massage, physiotherapy and they prescribed medicines but very less. I started gaining some physical strength and mental clarity but my constant pain in all my joints did not go away. Then we shifted back to Bangalore so I lost touch with them. But they gave me hope! That may be there is a solution. May be I can get better which was not an option before!

Back in Bangalore, I started my own healing, learning online as much as I could about alternate healing sciences. I summoned the courage to walk to nearby schools and day care centers and put my resume for a part-time job. Since I was overqualified for this job, I got the job immediately. I started working in an Alternative Learning Center and taught Science. Scientific Inquiry was my passion although now my approach towards teaching Science was changing. It became more holistic. Like, in the class on seeds, we all took a nature walk and discussed the miracle of how such a small piece of wood can give rise to a giant tree. How is this possible? Now science had a flavour of ‘Awe’. Because now I knew that ‘I don’t know anything!‘ Every day I was learning something new.

During this time, I had an aunt at my home who was having Kidney problems. I took care of her for 6 months: Taking her to all doctor appointments, taking care of her medicines and being a nurse for her at home. I discussed her case in detail with so many different doctors and I saw her deteriorating day by day and I saw how helpless doctors really were. They could not do anything to change her situation. They could just replace an organ and fit a new one like she is a machine. But she was not and it made me feel so helpless that I could not do anything to help her. I started looking for people who would teach me REIKI so that I could heal her. I found a class. It was a whole day class. I did not know how will I sit with all this pain for whole day but I summoned all my will. I said to myself – “Enough is enough! I will heal her!”

The whole day workshop was a magical experience for me. I could sense a few things and especially with a pendulum but it was nothing compared to what my classmates were experiencing. I could not scan chakras and I did not feel any warmth coming out of my hands or any tingling but a strong sense of knowing came to me. I somehow knew that this is it. This is my answer to all my problems.

My healing journey accelerated as I continued to practice Reiki Daily. I could not do all 26 positions because of pain. But I simply kept hands on my knees and while sleeping I kept on my heart and solar plexus. It was miraculous. After 16 days of Reiki , I started to sense a pulsation, a tingling in the center of my palms. I ran to my husband, I said, “Look, I am feeling something, something is moving in my hands!” This is what my classmates were sensing! I finally got it. It was like a dot on the center of my palms. This is palm chakra which was closed for me. For others, since it was open, they started feeling sensations immediately.

Gradually after few months my pain reduced from 90% to 30%. And after a few more months, my pain came to 10% and today I do not have that constant 24 by 7 pain. I have pain only when I do excess work and don’t drink enough water.  Reiki was my first real experience with Miracles. My existence on this planet is itself a miracle. I should have died. But Reiki not only healed by my pains, it gave me wisdom, it gave me clarity of thoughts and most of all, it allowed me to let go of my anger. Peace descended over me.

After learning Reiki, I decided to learn every alternative ancient and modern therapy on this planet. I learnt crystal healing, Angel therapy, Art Therapy, Bach flower remedies, Aromatherapy, Illahinoor, Pendulum dowsing, Acupressure and Sujok seed therapy, Colour Therapy, Colour Numerology, Auricular Therapy, Reflexology. I started doing Yoga and Qi Gong. I am not so regular with Yoga and Qi Gong but I do reiki daily.

Now I simply ask my angels, guides and higher-self for answers and it’s proving to be the fastest way to get answers and messages for people.

This is my story but it is also an archetypal story. Most healers would go through trauma and pain to get to where they are! This teaches a level of empathy which was previously missing. It eliminates ego and judgement. This experience is pre-cursor to a healer claiming their light.


Decide today – “Enough is Enough! I will get better now!”

If you have come this far, read the whole article, I would like to thank you deeply from my heart. It means a lot to me that you somehow connected to the story. I wish you nothing but happiness!

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