My Story

My Story!

I am a engineering graduate (Biotech) and a research scholar, I have spent considerable time in research institutes like ICGEB (International center for genetic engg and biotechnology, Delhi), NCBS-TIFR (National Center for Biological Sciences- Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore). I did internships in Monsanto, Silvassa and in a Pathology Lab in City Hospital,Delhi.

I wanted to try everything before deciding what I really wanted to do. I even tried my hands in the corporate world for almost 3 years in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) I loved Java and even got STAR of the month award but still IT job was boring for me. I decided that Brain Research was my favourite. I could read all day and test new ideas.

So, I quit job my IT job 6 years ago to pursue Ph.D(neuroscience) in Osaka University ,Japan. I could not last a year in Japan. During my time in Japan, I developed severe joint pains and extreme muscle weakness. I think it was a result of self-disgust for killing innocent mice for my selfish research and not listening to my soul's voice.

It was like my body was shutting down and telling me that 'We will not support the path you are taking. This is not your mission'.

I came back to India, completely broken. And I could not go for full time jobs, so I started giving tuitions and working 3 days a week in a nearby Child Development Center. I was constantly meeting doctors everywhere and there was no consensus on my problem. Some said it is a post-viral arthritis, some said early arthritis, some said Fibromyalgia. Other doctors laughed at the Fibromyalgia diagnosis, stating that this is not a diagnosis at all but they themselves did not give me one.

I was now broken and bitter at the medical community in which I believed so much. I was a neuro-researcher. I was a hard-core Science geek. I was starting to loose faith in the medical community. How could they not cure such a simple problem? They gave me pain-killers, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds. They themselves warned me against each of these drugs. Even after taking these meds for several months, I was not getting better. How could I ? These meds were not the cure. Every day was a physical struggle. Many days, it felt like I will not survive this pain. The most painful thing out of all this was that no one in my family believed that I had pain because all the reports came back normal. They thought I was just acting to get attention. The amount of loneliness you feel when no one understand you, is indescribable. I went in and out of depression many times. I even contemplated suicide and tried it.  In the hospital I met a psychiatrist and he suggested I come to his center. In this center they did Ayurvedic, Naturopathic and Allopathic treatment together. I was so surprised. It was very expensive. But it seemed like our last resort. In this center, they did counselling, yoga therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, mud therapy, ayurvedic oil massage, physiotherapy and they prescribed medicines but very less. I started gaining some physical strength and mental clarity but my pain did not go away. Then we shifted cities so I lost touch with them.

Back in Bangalore, I started my own healing, learning online as much as I could about alternate healing sciences. I joined an alternative learning center in Koramangala as it was close to where I lived and I could teach Science. Science is my passion although now my approach towards teaching Science was changing. It was more holistic. Like in the class on seeds, we all took a nature walk and discussed the miracle of how such a small piece of wood can give rise to a giant tree. How is this possible? Now science had a flavor of 'Awe'. Because now I knew that 'I don't know anything!' Everyday I was learning something new.

My healing journey accelerated when I learnt Reiki. After 21 days of Reiki , my pain reduced from 90% to 30%. And after a few more months, my pain came to 10% and today its somewhere around 5%. But I do not have 24 x 7 pain. I have pain only when I do excess work and don't drink enough water.  Reiki was my first real experience with Miracles. I, being from a hard core science background, could not explain the science of this technology. I studied extensively about Reiki and tried to get answers on how this works. I finally found the answer. I will explain in a separate article.

After learning Reiki, I learnt crystal healing, Angel therapy, Art Therapy, Bach flower remedies, Aromatherapy ,Illahinoor, Pendulum dowsing. I am learning Acupressure and Sujok seed therapy, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Reading books on chakra system, psychic perception, healing, philosophy and several other topics everyday to quench my thirst for answers. I have found answers for many things but waiting for some more. Now I ask my angels, guides, higher-self etc for answers and it's proving to be the fastest way to get answers and messages for people.
My healing journey was very painful and almost all the techniques I learnt because I needed them. So my learning is purely experiential and not just theoretical. If you have pain in your body, I will intuitively know where should I press to release your pain because chances are I had that pain in the past. I know how to come out of depression, step by step because I came out of it! Not because I read a book or attended a course, (which I did much later only for confirmation).

Being a happy person is a not easy for me. It is a practice. I am committed to it, and slowly it will become a habit.

I will not lie to you. I am not perfect at all. Any guru who portrays to be perfect is lying. There is no such thing. Our soul is perfect but our bodies, our minds and our emotions are not so perfect.

As a catalyst for your life, I wish to ease things for you. Give you better clarity. If I know why I have the problems that I have then I can know how to fix them. Then I have the power to change things ! I wish to give this power to each and everyone of you.

I never want anyone else to suffer like I did.

Much love and light,

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