Consiousness and Organ Transplant

Does an organ transplant takes away a part of your consciousness?

To answer the above question, we need to look at what is consciousness and who are ‘you’? 

What is consciousness?

Consciousness can be defined as a state of awareness and responsiveness.

Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami like many other scientists and sages says that even an electron has consciousness. I like to say that consciousness is looking through an electron at this moment. That particles are merely a lens through which consciousness is experiencing different realities.

Consciousness exists even without the physical matter.

Now since all cells, tissues and organs are made of quantum particles, it is safe to assume that these quantum particles when combine and express as an organ might give rise to a bigger lens for consciousness to look through.

So, a physical lung will act as a bigger lens for consciousness to experience what being a lung is like? So this consciousness will be identifying itself as your lung or heart, spleen and liver etc. And since all of these organs combine and form the body, even the body will provide an even bigger lens for a super-consciousness which will identify itself as your body.

But this super-consciousness of the body is not you! This is just the intelligent bio-energetic system that you could interact with. It is like the character in a video game. It has some powers but it can not function unless ‘you’ drive it.

Many people identify too much with this body consciousness and become upset. (I am too fat, too thin, too tall or too dark etc).

In various healing systems around the world, people define consciousness/body in various different ways. For e.g. :-

In the ayurvedic system, body is divided into 5 sheaths (Kosahas) – Annamaya(Food body), Pranamaya(Energy body), Manomaya (Mind Body), Vijnanamaya (Intelligence Body), Anandamaya (Conscious body).

In Reiki System, we have 7 bodies – Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Para-conscious Body, Causal Body, Cosmic-Spiritual Body ( Both 6th and 7th layers).

Sadhguru simplifies the mind/consciousness into 4 parts – Buddhi, ahankara, manas and chitta but they can be sub-divided further on to 84,000 parts.

But for simplicity and for general public, most spiritual teachers will teach the basic trilogy – Soul, Mind and body or Astral, causal and physical.

Surprisingly none of these conscious bodies is YOU.

YOU are simply using these complex energy systems for interacting with and experiencing things in this world.

So who are you? 

It is difficult to define or understand that which is NOT. But we can try by using the neti-neti principle (Rule of elimination used in ancient indian debates on knowledge – shastrarth).

So we can start by saying – because ‘I’ can feel the body, I must not be the body! Since I can observe my thoughts, I must not be my mind. Since I  AM using tools to observe, I am not the mode of observation. I could be the observer! A witness!

Sages came to this conclusion after several long hours of debate and self -analysis.

We can also go a little more deeper with the observer self. Take that observer self as YOU. You are simply observing what is happening to the body, mind and spirit. You are simply understanding that which is physical, mental or emotional. The Observer self is not affected by anything that is happening to any of the bodies/sheaths etc.

I often use the example of a video game. You as a human choose a video game (life plan) to play and then you choose your character(your country, body, parents etc), then you choose your powers/tools (your intuition level, your talents, passions etc) and then you start to play. While playing sometimes you forget that you are not the character and if your character gets hurt, you too feel the hurt! But are you, the conscious human, hurt?

So when an organ transplant happens what is being transplanted?

The physical lung is transplanted. But there was an intelligent consciousness that was using this lung for understanding what it means to be a lung. This consciousness has a choice to be transplanted with the organ or it can choose to submerge with the source. This is separate from your consciousness. It might hold memories from your body and might hold the interactions it had with your consciousness but YOUR observer self is not transplanted with it. YOU(observer self) could very well interact with it if you choose but that YOU could do with anything in the universe.

Side note :Before transplantation, it would be a good idea for the donor to cut cords with the organ in case of a live donor. [Cord Cutting]

For general well being of all organs, you can try organ talking. Since you understand now that lung has a conscious pool, you could interact with it and it will respond. Just like you would talk to a friend : “I love you my lung. I see you healthy and happy. I am sorry for what I put you through, but I know you are strong!” You can also try organ smiling: Visualise your organs smiling.

I will leave all of you with this thought from Astavakra gita: “If you are a wave in an ocean, are you not the ocean?”

Love and Light,

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