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14th Oct 2018 Download since morning. Typing at night!

Today I realised that sometimes a personality can die within a person and you may never see that personality again. This is a permanent change and hence can be seen as a death of a person you knew but the physical body is carrying a different personality now. So, what should you do if you feel sad that the person has changed and is no longer behaving in the same manner?

I recently got a message for this answer. Generally I ask the same question over and over in my head and then sleep and during dream state, I would get answers but this time I got the answer the second I woke up.

“Just remember the love you felt when they loved you and forget every other damn thing”

This message was so strong that I can not explain how much it changed me. I felt that the person I knew (a very close friend) has died. Just like my grandfather. I was given a message when Dadu died: “Remember not his death but his life” and today I am given the same message for a person whose behaviour and personality has changed. Because the role she was playing is over. The character is no longer alive.

My friend is no longer alive. I mourned her passing. I did not get to say good bye. I was sad for a while. I cried. But then the message is clear like a crystal. I am not supposed to mourn her changing. I am supposed to remember and enjoy the memory of the good times together. I am happy that my friend gave me so many awesome experiences. I learnt to love for the first time because of her. I never thought I would love another person this way. I rejoiced when she was happy and I was sad when she was sad… But she changed. She died. Her role was over. She took on a new role. And I can never understand why? But may be she needed to learn other things and have other experiences without me. May be that is where her growth was.

I have no contact with her now but I still carry her love around. Her love inside my heart helped me attract many future friendships. So, may be it’s all for the good. I lost her a long time ago but this message came because I felt a similar loss for another friend and my angels reminded me that May be I am ready to love another personality(may be in the same person or another) now and add and multiply the love I already carry in me because of all these people that I came to love so intensely. They were activators. They activated something dormant inside of me. Now, I do not need them to continuously push my buttons. I am always on! 😉

So, I thank their arrival and their departure. I thank the lessons that came with the coming of such powerful personalities and thank the lessons that came with the leaving of such personalities. Some of these people are still in my life but the personalities have left. Many of my personalities have also left me. Some of them I miss but then I can do the same thing with my lost personalities, just remember the good times my personalities gave me!

So, I guess the core message of this download is “Remember only the feelings that are activated inside you because of powerful interactions but neither the people or the connections with them created what you created inside you. It happened in you. It is a feeling-memory that you can use to feel good anytime you want. Close your eyes, remember the good times. Generate happiness inside and see how more of the same happiness manifests in your reality through other people and other connections.”

Zenona and Angels
Beautiful. I love this. Thank you.

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