Together Divine

Together we can do anything… We can climb mountains and overcome any obstacle. Together is a wonderful feeling, a unique and complete word in itself.  Together is what makes us stronger and keeps us focused, centered and balanced.

But together with whom?

Together with the many aspects of your own self. Collect all the broken and burnt pieces and love them. Love will transform them. Love acts like a balm and glue. It holds every piece together. And all these loved aspects of yourself when come together, they become you, the pure, powerful, cosmic you. 

Amazing love will flow out of your togtherness. And everyone around you would feel your love vibration.

Peace is a natural state of mind for some and practice for others but it is the basic, most essential emotion, on which you will build your empire. So achieving and maintaining this state is a must.

No one, no thing, no memory should be able to shake your peaceful ground… And that means loving with detachment, helping with detachment. And that is possible only when you combine with all your fractured golden pieces and become a complete person.

There is nothing that you don’t have or can’t do. Just at this moment, you choose to express certain things and hold others.

You are no less or no greater than the other. You are just a beautiful energy floating in the ocean of energy and understanding your relationship with other energies and the cosmic oceanic energy.

I am just flowing. But I am not fluid. I am centered and together and I am consciously letting myself flow…

This is amazing wisdom that flew to us. I understood yesterday. Thanks to my soulmate Tarang for reminding me… My connection with her is amazing and I am grateful of all that she has taught me and all that she is going to teach me by just raising her vibration. 

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