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Varmam is an ancient Indian acupressure methodology that gives very fast results because it works on 108 Vital Energy points, also called soul points.


Art therapy helps people “tap into aspects of the self and the psyche that aren’t always accessible,” says Juliet King, an associate professor of art therapy at George Washington University.

Zen Renaissance presents Abstract Art classes for all ages by a self taught master artist Rohini Mukia starting from February 2nd 2019. Her artworks (in the poster) speak of her caliber. And her soft spoken nature works magic with all new children.

Key features of these classes :-
•gaining neurological advantages
•create your own interpretation
•filled with exciting colours & textures
•strengthens memory
•offers stress relief
•promotes an optimistic attitude

* Parents can sit with children and enjoy the free flow of energy in the room.
* All materials will be provided by us. Just bring your smile with you.
* And all artworks can be taken back home to flaunt to friends and family members 😉

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How to Raise Indigo and Crystal children : What parents need to know

Both Indigos and Crystals are highly sensitive beings but there are some differences and unique characterstics that will help you identify your child.

Crystal Children (Approx age 0-11 years) traits :

  • Crystal Aura (love crystals)
  • Wise beyond their years
  • Sensitive
  • Non-verbal
  • Need time alone
  • Connected to Nature and Angels
  • Need alone time
  • Magnetic Personality

Indigo Children (Approx age :11 - 40 years) traits:

  • Empathetic, curious, and strong-willed
  • Clear Self-definition and purpose
  • Feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here
  • High intelligence quotient
  • Inherent intuitive ability
  • Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority


Apart from identifying your child, in this workshop you will learn how to :

  • Communicate with them
  • Discipline them
  • Handle their sensitivities
  • Educate them
  • Keep their bedroom
  • Keep their study room
  • and what to feed them
  • and so much more...

You can freely ask your questions and discuss problems that you might be facing. Many parents go through similar problems, so it would be interesting to see what other parents have to say.

Other highlights :

  • Who are these children ?
  • Why are they different than previous generations?
  • Why do we call them indigo and crystals?
  • Who are you? Are you crystal or indigo?
  • Who am I? How do I know this information?


Duration : 2 hours
Date and Time: 20th May 2018, Sunday 11 a.m.
My residence
*85, 10th main, 4th block, Koramangala, Bangalore-34

Please drop a message on whatsapp ( 9677090367 ) to register

Welcomemy children!
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Hello Zen Members, as part of Zen's monthly self care workshops, this month I am planning to teach Reflexology to all. Age above 14 years.

Timing 10am to 5pm

Please share with friends. It's a whole day course for 1500. Lunch will be provided.

Course Structure :
1. Five bodies of all living beings
2. Five emotional states
3. Organs and Emotions
4. Body parts and Emotions

Post -Lunch :
5. Reflexology - Five Zones of body
6. Reflexology - organ location
7. Reflexology - Stimulation of points (3 techniques)
8. Protocols for specific diseases - diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, eye disorders, ear problems, Asthama etc
9. Precautions to be taken

Kindly share this with your friends and family members who would wish to learn to heal themselves and others with just touch.

This is very effective treatment for the lot of things, every modality has its limitations, but for self care and immediate relief I always go for reflexology. It is the safest method and very effective for pain treatment.



EFT for Kids and Teenagers

In modern times, situations are stressful not only for adults but for our young ones too. So, I would like to invite all kids to come and join me in understanding emotional freedom technique EFT. We will learn:

  • What are emotions?
  • How to override negative thoughts?
  • How to use EFT effectively?
  • When to use EFT?

Duration : 1 hour

My residence
*85,10th main, 4th block, koramangala

Time and date: 11 am, 19th May 2018