REIKI… A mysterious healing force!

Reiki is a healing energy that revealed itself to Grandmaster Mikao Usui in the year 1922. Grandmaster Usui received symbols and the white light Reiki energy as an answer to the question “How can we heal ourselves”?

My interaction with Reiki

I heard about Reiki when I was a kid and my father was trying to learn it. I understood at an early age that we can heal ourselves because of my father. But I never had the need to heal myself because medicines would cure everything. Then about 7 years ago, I realized that medicines could not heal heart-break. I was forced to learn how to heal myself. I learnt several techniques in the process of self-healing. All my healers told me to start with Reiki, then I will be able to sense energy and learn every other technique with much more ease.

I learnt Reiki when my body pains were so terrible that I could not sit in one place for more than 5 secs.  Now I sit for hours. Sleep better. Eat better. Live better.

During Reiki class, my teacher said, “Reiki Attunement is like taking a second birth“. And it was exactly that. Within a month, my life started changing. I started becoming calmer and calmer. I used to take everyone’s responsibility on my shoulders but Reiki gave me the understanding and the power to let go of that responsibility.

Reiki said, “Send me to do your job” and I would sit and send Reiki to Palestine, to Syria, to Libya,to Fukushima, to mother earth, to rivers and to Oceans. I do not worry about the world now. I trust that Reiki will do my job and Reiki will heal the one that needs healing without altering someone’s natural path or natural course of events.

My understanding of Reiki

My relationship with Reiki is new and I am still learning but I will share what I feel Reiki is.

Reiki is an invisible conscious energy that is like a cosmic mother’s love. It is all-seeing and all-knowing. Like a mother Reiki knows which part of the body needs energy and like a mother’s touch, it is gentle, relaxing, calming and most importantly – loving. It is an energy that can not flow out from a person who is harboring hate. Because there is only force that heals. That is love.

Reiki comes through the healer’s crown to the spine as a white light and enters all the nerves, to each and every part of healers body and the healer directs the energy out from her hands. The healer needs to become a pure and clean channel and not mix his thoughts, fears and emotions with Reiki.

In fact Reiki works best when healer’s mind is not interfering. So, when I give Reiki to my husband with one hand, I would be doing something else with my other one. But during a session, I focus on the information that I am receiving from each chakra and different body parts.

Reiki gives the power to sense different types of energies too. Like in a session I felt that someone hit my client with a knife on the back solar plexus chakra. And I said to her “It is like some one stabbed you in the back, my hands are hurting with intense pain”. And She confirmed that someone she trusted very much had in fact stabbed her in the back by stealing all her business, she was left with no money at all.

Reiki also gives us the power to sense different texture of energies like pricking, ticklish, tingling, sticky, greasy, sandy etc. They each correspond to a different emotion. Sometimes you get messages along with the sensations. Sometimes you make sense of these sensations by discussing with the client.

Difference between Reiki and Ki/Qi/Chi/prana/lifeforce

Ki/Chi/prana/lifeforce is an energy that is sustaining the body. If chi leaves or loses its grip over a body, it is seen as death of the body. But chi is not the soul. Soul is a conscious energy. Chi is for the body. Chi follows the instructions of soul. Soul comes and goes out from the body as it wishes. In fact every night for a certain time, soul leaves the body.

When soul focuses on an emotion, chi will flow in a certain direction, in a certain way, increasing or decreasing the speed at which the body is vibrating. Chi can be controlled by breath, focus, visualization and exercises.

Rei – in Japanese has many meanings but the most accurate for this context would be “higher intelligence or all-conscious energy” and Ki – is the same as chi/prana, it is unconscious or inanimate energy which governs the flow of electrons. So Reiki means a higher intelligent guiding wisdom that governs the flow of energy.

So, Reiki is not just energy, it carries wisdom, knowledge, messages and it works in mysterious ways to heal someone. Some people will cry, some will shiver, most people just sleep because the energy is very grounding and relaxing.

The most important lesson that Reiki taught me is that – I am not the healer. Reiki is. 

Love and light,



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