We are Zen Girlz

We are Soul Sisters, Energy Healers, Tarot Card Readers, Colour Healers, Helpers, Teachers, Creative Craftswomen, Dancers and lovers. We are a group of very loving ladies and we have reached a point that our love is overflowing so we wish to share it with all of you.

You can reach us at our numbers and request a online session, distance energy healing, a tarot card reading, you can request for a crystal recommendation and we can personally make it for you with love and ship it to you as well, we can give you consultations for colour and numbers that will give instant healing. You can also choose to physically come to our places if you live close by and we will help you.

Our profiles:

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Multimedia specialist, Diploma-Counselling, MSc. Applied psychology, Masters in Human Resource Management and PhD in strategic talent management and now also a Healer…

As a HR professional managing Department operations and People, being on strategic plans and programs is part of my work life and I love it. However, the reason I love it is because of all the energy booster I draw from learning and practicing alternative healing techniques and therapies.
I learnt Pranic Healing a decade ago.
I started learning Alternative Therapies to resolve health issues for self and my folks at home, eventually even before I realized, I was gathering a wealth of knowledge.
To name a few Sujok, Six Ki, Triorigin, Diploma in Auricular Therapy and Pulse diagnosis, Advance Color Therapy, Number Healing, Switchwords, and so on. This knowledge has immensely helped me to reach out to a lot of people who have ailments and relieve them from their issues they come forth with.
In addition to this, Magnified Healing, Prana Violet healing, and THAT healing which includes healing with mudras, sigils, and sacred geometries has empowered me to not only evolve as a person, but help a lot of individuals with their life situations.
Pallabi Pattanayak
A traveller, walking on this path for the guidance and well being of every individual. A call for safeguarding the love and light that is constantly burning within us.
I am an HR prfessional and Reiki healer by passion.
Since childhood, I was a kid with countless questions. My journey from being an Atheist to an Agnostic to a Believer is a journey of hundres of answered question, always unfolding a new mysticism infront of me to explore. Being intuitive since childhood, the call of Universe led me to the path I was searching for.
As my Grandfather was also a  healer, it had always attracted me. But Reiki found a way to connect with me when i needed healing for my father and myself. The learning started when my father got healed of his ailments and health problems almost after 20 years of struggle with different treatment… His progress and improving health drew me towards learning and looking for the answers beyond our day to day imagination.
Also, my interest towards holistic healing increased when I witnessed the effect on my body. Varmam, an another ancient heling modality almost reduced my heavy dependency in medication to nil for my chronic migraine problem.
Always inquisitive for learning different modalities, I am also learning different aspect of Pranik healing and Illihi noor. Attuned  to Reiki 2nd degree, I am a Crystal Dowser as well with strong vision abilities and getting guided messages. I can help you with Reiki healing as well as also provide you guidance upon other aspect of energy healing.
Manasa Chandra
She dreamed of helping people out their problems, since childhood. Her desire to study M.B.B.S was put down by her father, ( she can’t thank him enough for it now, as she doesn’t believe in Allopathy) so she got her Bachelors in Engineering. But being someone who was so inclined to be a healer, she decided to chase her Dream and graduated with Double Masters, in Clinical Psychology. Her field of study has mainly been Counseling and Rehabilitation of People with Mental Illness.
She chose to research on Mental Health of Sexual Minorites i.e. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. She has closely worked with them, as she believes in acceptance of all differences that is, as it is.
Exploring the desires of Life, is her motto and hence she has tried experiencing all her dreams. She has been a teacher at a High school, a server at a Cafe, a Mehendi artist, Collecting funds for Cause, Marketing and Business.
Not to forget that she is a Passionate Dancer!
So after all this, she has found that her Ultimate calling in Life has still been – To Heal!
She is pursuing her studies in Su Jok, an accupressure Therapy and wishes to learn more of the Alternate Healing Methods.
She is Happily married and is a Mother of 2 Toddler boys,  whom she wishes to be a Role Model for! So she believes in BEING, what she wants her kids to be!